Cuticle Treatment Products

Moisturizing products with vitamins, essential in keeping cuticles healthy and shiny.

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Vita Plus

Cuticle Oil

Made from the best essen-tial oils and vitamins found in treatment products.
For damaged and dry cuticles in need of intensive treatment. Apply daily
on cuticles and massage around the whole nail.

RRP (15 ml): 12.50 EUR

Cuti Serum

Cuticle Serum

Highly moisturizing product.
Immediately absorbed
by the skin, leaving no
oil traces.Can be applied before or after nail varnish.

RRP (15 ml): 11.50 EUR

Cuti Rings

Cuticle Rings

Rings that activate and stimulate cuticle moisturizing treatment
and repair by compressing and retaining the heat.
Apply your favourite Nails4Us cuticle treatment product (we recommed VITAPLUS+) and place
a Cuti Ring on each cuticle. Wait for at least fifteen minutes. The gel within the Cuti Ring will activate and stimulate the treatment.

RRP (15 ml): 16.90 EUR

Cuticle Remover

Removedor para Cutículas

This efficient formula quickly softens cuticles.
Apply a little of the
product on each cuticle
and leave for a few minutes. Now, carefully push the cuticles back
with a cuticle orange stick and if necessary remove
any extra skin.

RRP (15 ml): 10.90 EUR

Cuti Care

Cuticle Moisturizing Stick

This pen-shaped product, very easy to carry in your handbag, has essential almond and avocado oils that keep cuticles soft and healthy. The essential oils prevent skin growth around the cuticles. Apply before or after any nail treatment and whenever necessary.

RRP (3 ml): 10.90 €